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History of Kabbalah bracelets

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History of Kabbalah bracelets starts not just with history of Kabbalah, but with the history of humanity itself. Defining a certain age for Kabbalah as a religion or a doctrine is in some way pointless, because kabbalistic knowledge has always been present in the minds of most enlightened individuals who carried this knowledge and passed it on to future generations. Later at a certain point of human development it was simply recorded and presented in the form of books. The same is true about history of Kabbalah bracelets. There have always been knowledgeable sages who believed in magic and mysticism as a way to make a change and affect the reality. They knew about the power of a spoken word or a spell, a written magical symbol and human true intentions – which are the main attributes that make any Kabbalah bracelet powerful and protective. Therefore, it is impossible to say when exactly the first bracelets from Kabbalah were made or worn. Just like Kabbalah, they have always been part of human reality and history.



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Kabbalah bracelets are strong, effective charms which protect people from evil eye, negative energies, bad thoughts and black magic. Kabbalah bracelets also provide their wearers with prosperity, good luck and wealth by drawing positive, creative energies to every aspect of their lives. It is believed in many cultures that Kabbalah bracelets possess magical powers and can ward off envious people, witches and dark forces. By forming a strong connection with their wearers, Kabbalah bracelets take an active part in our life and help people take control over their destiny.