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main kabbalah

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Kabbalah is basic, collective knowledge that focuses on cosmic organization, and humans' relation to it. Kabbalah helps one find the bliss of life hidden behind habitual existence and gives free will to any human being who wants to comprehend the meaning of life. It explains the world through simple ideas, helping people see their predestination and choose their paths.

The key concept in this doctrine is the Tree of Life, which depicts the process of gradual development and final creation of the universe by God. It is creation of the world and pure energy out of nothingness. Tree of Life also explains how people can reach God, reunite with him, become one with the universal intellect or the Light, or simply use cosmic powers for a better physical life.

Kabbalah should be considered an essential field of personal research for everyone who intends to wear protective Kabbalah bracelets. Such bracelets represent one of the areas of practical Kabbalah, which is aimed at improving the quality of life for those who use its teachings.



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Kabbalah bracelets are strong, effective charms which protect people from evil eye, negative energies, bad thoughts and black magic. Kabbalah bracelets also provide their wearers with prosperity, good luck and wealth by drawing positive, creative energies to every aspect of their lives. It is believed in many cultures that Kabbalah bracelets possess magical powers and can ward off envious people, witches and dark forces. By forming a strong connection with their wearers, Kabbalah bracelets take an active part in our life and help people take control over their destiny.