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Choosing a Kabbalah Amulet

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The Kabbalah is a system of mysticism based on the Torah, and expert practitioners of Kabbalistic mysticism are well-steeped in Jewish tradition and learning. Kabbalah utilizes symbolism and numerological patterns that are rooted in Torah and based on the Hebrew alphabet.


To understand the power of Kabbalah, one would have to have studied Torah in its original Hebrew language and would have to understand its subtleties. Who better to bring Kabbalistic wisdom into the crafting of amulets than a rabbi who has dedicated his life to the study of Jewish scriptures and to strengthening the relationship between those he teaches and the divine Creator? In choosing your Kabbalah amulet, it would be beneficial to work with a master Kabbalist and take advantage of both the practical and spiritual wisdom that come with this designation.


There are a number of outlets both on and off-line that sell charms, amulets and talismans. You may even have purchased a lucky stone or pendant from one of these sites and were disappointed that your life didn't improve. Your challenges may even have gotten worse.

Choosing your Kabbalah amulet is as personal a decision as choosing your clothing or your hairstyle. You may purchase your clothing from one chain store and your jewelry from another, but the way in which you put these together are part of your personal style and unique to you. Similarly, your amulet needs to be crafted to help you to overcome the exact challenge that you are facing.

Mass produced charms, pendants and amulets are just that - cookie cutter symbols that have as much to do with you as does an automobile that is churned out from an assembly line. Your personality, environment and background are unique, and all of these elements are responsible for your being in the position in which you find yourself today. Your Kabbalah amulet needs to encompass all that is unique to you, and this is the reason that an amulet that is handcrafted using your personal information as its basis will bring you more powerful and tangible results.

Not only does a handcrafted amulet offer power and protection that is specific to your needs, in working with a master craftsman, you will be given instructions as to how to use your amulet to bring you the results you desire.

The purpose of your amulet is to bring you into alignment with the hidden forces of the universe; you will still need some guidance as to how you need to communicate with these forces and more importantly, how to discern and listen to the inner guidance that comes about when you connect with your source.

A prayer and a blessing that are created specifically for your circumstances will accompany the talisman, and these help you to connect to divine wisdom and guidance in a manner that is similar to plugging an electrical appliance into a socket. The results may be immediate - like a jolt of power - or evolve slowly, but there will be results. Having a rabbi available to interpret the significance of occurrences is helpful.  It's easy to dismiss small miracles or to chalk them off as "coincidence,"  but many of these small changes add up to being significant turning points in your situation.

The use of talismans and amulets to achieve business and personal success, find true love, improve relationships and to provide protection goes back in history to Biblical times and the benefits gained from using Kabbalah talismans and amulets has been documented.

You don't need to be Jewish in order to benefit from a Kabbalah talisman, because divine truth, abundance, prosperity and protection aren't limited by religion or ethnicity. You just need to be willing to embrace a new way of thinking, be open to change, and be willing to allow the divine do the rest.


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